Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles: Part Two

Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles: Volume Two"... the main job of a Jew is to testify. These coincidences do, indeed, testify - that God exists, that He is involved in every moment of our lives, and in our history. That the Torah is His revealed word. That the Jews are His Chosen People, that Israel is their land, and that He directs absolutely everything that occurs in the universe. "The coincidences prove it. "Their sheer volume over the course of nearly three decades, as well as their quality - some subtle and delicately nuanced, hardly noticeable, others a resounding whack in the head - prove that there is intention behind them. They are all consonant with the voluminous messages that Rosalyn and I have received; all follow the same pattern, point in the same direction, tell the same story."


The Enoch and the Book of Coincidences Collection!

Enoch Collection

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Enoch and the Book of Coincidences
Enoch and the Book of Coincidences II: The Second Messiah
Enoch and the Book of Coincidences III: Promise
Enoch and the Book of Coincidences IV: Star and Cross
Enoch and the Book of Coincidences V: Much Darkness Approaches
Enoch and the Book of Coincidences VI: Suffering Servant
Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles
Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles: Volume Two
Enoch, Israel & America
Enoch and the Book of Comfort - Light for the Darkness to Come
Enoch and the Price of Power
Enoch and ‘Those You Have Loved, And Who Love You No More
Enoch and War
Enoch and the Dark World


Enoch and the Book of Coincidences

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences Veteran reporter Howard Riell's tentative investigation into the world of the supernatural brought him more than he'd bargained for as he encountered séances, Ouija board messages, clairvoyance, angels, trance channeling, tales of reincarnation and -- first and foremost -- a flood of amazing coincidences linking it all to ancient Jewish prophecies and both the Old and New Testaments.

Before long, the skeptical Riell and a newfound group of friends found themselves embroiled in a millennia-old drama pitting good against evil -- one that stretches from the Garden of Eden to the approaching apocalyptic end of history...and for the author himself, from agnosticism to faith.

What reads like occult fiction actually happened. Enoch and the Book of Coincidences is the first in a series of stunning first-person chronicles of an incredible two-decade-long, real-life adventure that may well prove the existence of God Himself and reunite two great faiths...and which continues to unfold to this very day!

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences II: Second Messiah

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences II It began in 1986 with a desire to learn the true nature of a relationship with a lost love.

Curiosity led me to a class in the paranormal near my home in Brooklyn, where I met 'Rosalyn' and several others. Within weeks we were meeting informally to speak with what they insisted were entities from another plane of existence. I watched as things no one could have known were revealed, and events we were told would happen actually did. Supplemented by a flood of coincidences in my everyday life so pronounced and consistent with the messages that only a fool could dismiss them, my belief grew.

Soon we started receiving messages saying that Rosalyn and I had been "chosen" to bring the incredible knowledge of life and death, heaven and Earth, and man and God to the world through several books that I would write -- the first of which would become Enoch and The Book of Coincidences.

But by the first book's conclusion many unanswered questions remained. How could Rosalyn and myself have inadvertently changed the course of history? What exactly was the mysterious revelation we supposedly experienced on a lonely road nearly 20 centuries ago? Why would God, if that's Who it was, select the two of us for any kind of mission at all, when Rosalyn was only moderately religious and I was an outright agnostic? And if the real, historical Jesus was the first of two prophesied messiahs, as they were telling us, where was the second -- the true Son of David who according to ancient legend will battle the forces of evil, usher in the Apocalypse and ultimately help bring about man's final redemption?

The final entry in Enoch and The Book of Coincidences was made on August 10, 1987.

This book begins one day earlier.

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences III: Promise

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences II No, I can't explain it. Unless, of course, it's exactly what it appears to be. But my job, at least for now, isn't to explain. Just to report.

These voices from beyond, these messages, came bearing prophecies and predictions that held the promise of divine splendor, of grandeur, majesty and redemption. The promise of ultimate justice, and of mercy, and of right finally triumphing over wrong. The promise of validation, of spectacular notoriety, of a flowering of the human heart. The promise of even more incredible revelations ahead, and of ecstatic communion with the Creator of all; of every wish fulfilled, and the imminent arrival of an era long hoped for but ever elusive throughout mankind's long, painful march down the road of history.

The key word threading through all of this, in case you weren't paying attention - and in retrospect, I myself was not -- being promise.

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences IV: Star and Cross

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences IV In this, the fourth installment in the 'Enoch' saga, author Howard Michael Riell and his friend 'Rosalyn' encounter still more impossible coincidences... rapturous messages of divine love... a startling prediction of the fall of the Soviet Union... a son and daughter suspended between heaven and Earth... more messages bearing information neither of the friends possessed... promises of punishment for the wicked, and of a powerful ally to come... discourses on the nature of God and the human soul, and the beginnings of the universe... advice for the faltering State of Israel... mounting frustration and rage on the part of the author... the ominous presence of opponents who will stop at nothing to prevent their success... and still more messages foretelling the imminent end of Christianity and its re-absorption into Judaism -- an unprecedented reuniting, only barely in time for the apocalyptic climax of human history, of Star and Cross.

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences V: Much Darkness Approaches

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences V

In what is undoubtedly the most personal chronicle since the original Enoch and the Book of Coincidences, this fifth book in the Enoch saga finds author Howard Michael Riell confronting major life changes – getting married, embracing Orthodox Judaism, leaving New York City and his friends and family, preparing for parenthood, and taking the first tentative steps to bring his amazing story to the world – even as the inconceivable revelatory experiences that changed his life continue to mount.

Though he knows something momentous lies ahead, Riell can hardly be prepared for what comes next. Instead of glory and fame, what fate has in store is the stark realization that, as he is soon told, ‘much darkness approaches.’


Enoch and the Book of Coincidences VI: Suffering Servant

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences V

“All of mankind is waiting for someone — a teacher, a leader, a link between heaven and earth… a messiah. Jews, Christians and Muslims have all been waiting centuries for a chosen individual to arrive and put things right. To bring an end to hatred, violence and greed, and to help usher in a Godly era that points the way back to paradise. The Enoch phenomenon at least appears to augur that cherished future. That said, what sacrifice could possibly be too great in order to achieve this worthiest of all aspirations? And even if, at the end of my life, I find that I was somehow mistaken about what these messages and coincidences were and meant, my attempt to achieve this most elusive of all dreams—peace on earth, good will toward men—would still have proven a holy and worthwhile undertaking.”

Howard Michael Riell


Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences V

The American Heritage Dictionary defines "coincidence" as "a sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged."

There is, of course, no such thing as coincidence in the sense that American Heritage understands the word.

Everything is intended, planned, programmed, set in place by God. Nothing is accidental, as they would have it. Nor do things merely "seem" to have been planned or arranged. They were.

More than two decades of experience have proven this to me. That's why when I use the word coincidence I mean just the opposite of American Heritage: the alignment of names, places, times, events, etc. beyond any reasonable odds, by definition, shows a divine hand at work.


Enoch, Israel and America

Enoch and the Book of Coincidences V

Israel and America need to listen. And learn.

Listen – to the promise God made to Abraham 4,000 years ago.

Learn – from the prophet Jonah's experience in the city of Nineveh.

These two ancient tales can save 21st century Israel and America and, by extension, the entire world.

The Enoch messages prove it!


Enoch and the Book of Comfort - Light for the Darkness to Come

Enoch and the Book of Comfort

You are sent to open the hearts of those seeking the truth and light. They need one to lead, one they place trust and loyalty. I know you are in this divine light. You will radiate this... You are My light.



Enoch and the Price of Power

Enoch and the Price of Power

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MASTERS OF THE WORLD --- to the Banksters, the New World Order, the hyper-rich, the connected, the Corporatocracy, the Hum, the patrician class, the moneyed interests, the elite, the aristocracy, the globalists, the ruling class, the Pezze di Novante, the royal families, the merchant class, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Invisible Hand, the Cryptocracy, the shadow government, the oil magnates, the Saudi sheiks, the arms dealers, the media moguls, the globocrats, the presidents, princes and potentates. You who can topple governments, devalue currencies, crash markets, depose leaders, start wars and revolutions, assassinate world leaders, alter maps and commit mass murder with impunity. All of you who are above any law, who profit from human suffering; who have been clever enough and rich enough and connected enough and arrogant enough and devious enough and ruthless enough to have kept the peoples of the world at each others throats and poor and sick and hungry and powerless and voiceless and entertained, and to have remained invisible while doing it, and who plan nothing less than de facto slavery for humanity.

You who are responsible for so much misery.
You have brought and sustained grievous suffering in the world and made yourselves, in your own eyes, gods.
But you are not gods. You are men.
There is a God, and He is making His anger known.


Enoch and 'Those You Have Loved, and Who Love You No More'

Those you have loved, and who love you no more

our little one is safe. I have hosts of angels protecting her and sealing her off. They (the two individuals who are being controlled by these dark-side entities) are as mesmerized, while she is safe and whole. Enjoy your time with her, and pray for those you have loved, and…

The next words came through clearly but I stopped, refusing to write them down. I leaned my head back, tears welling in my eyes and my voice cracking, and called out, “How can I write these next words!?” I wrote them anyway.

…who love you no more.


Enoch and War

Enoch and War This is a war and you are waging it. Others will follow; join you. Make no mistake, this is a war. You are at war. We are at war. On all sides. Weapons gathered, assaults planned, disarray noted. You are champion. Continue your prayers, reading psalms. Continue to cleanse yourself, and stay strong, eyes clear. The time is drawing near when you will be called upon to act... Do not fail to act. Many are hinging on you. You will know what to do when the time comes... You are bodily strong; healthful. You will be as a general commanding troops. You are already taking on that role, barking orders. You are gaining a following and a reputation for telling the truth forcefully. This is what is needed. This is what people crave. You do not, as you say, pull punches. You "tell it like it is" and people respect you for it.


Enoch and the Dark World

Enoch and the Dark World After nearly three decades, the Enoch saga has led Howard Michael Riell inexorably here - psychic battle with inhuman enemies in the Dark World, the loss of his dearest friend, still more miraculous coincidences and, as events reach a climax, perhaps even the impossible prize he was first promised back in 1986.


Riell Truth - Stay Angry!

Riell Truth Stay Angry!

Look, I never intended to yell at my radio audience for an hour each day - but come on.

Get a gander at the news reports I cover conspiracies, grand theft, tyranny, loss of freedom, oppressive government, unending regulation, legislation and litigation, and much, much more, and all of it aimed squarely at us and our children.

I mean, how can you not yell?

My show is called Riell Truth, and it airs live, Monday through Friday from 4 to 5pm EST on KHNC, 1360 AM, The Lion, out of Johnstown, Colorado (and streaming live around the world at

My goal, as I tell my audience, isn't to entertain but to get them active. To get them to turn off the TV and maybe for the first time get and stay angry, angry at the myriad blood-sucking forces arrayed against us.

Hopefully, this book will do the same for you!


The Merciful Rebuke of Satan:
The Short Stories And Searing Vision of Howard Riell

The Merciful Rebuke of Satan The Merciful Rebuke Satan: The Short Stories And Searing Vision of Howard Riell, is a collection of 59 eclectic, off-beat, startlingly original short stories. They vary to an amazing degree - from variations on Biblical and even Shakespearean texts to parody, pathos, drama, and outright slapstick comedy. Some will make readers laugh out loud, others cry, still others freeze in terror.

Among the tales Riell spins:
  • A demon rises from the murky depths of hell and vows to please his master by killing a saintly rabbi
  • A pair of renowned Hasidic rebbes try a bit too hard to impress the prophet Elijah when they encounter him on the side of a lonely country road
  • An old woman's lifetime of anguish ends with a single, horrifying scream
  • A man comes face to face with the crushing realization that he must finally acknowledge the daughter he's never met
  • A man attains wisdom -- and the power of prophecy -- in the final moments of his life amid a rush-hour crowd on the New York City subway
  • The still-hidden Messiah pens some of his most intimate thoughts
  • World famous "psychic detective" Harvey Noodleman fights the farces of evil in a quintet of wacky stories